Google has been able to some pretty amazing things with the data they collect from pretty much everyone on Earth.  From fighting the Flu pandemic, to self driving cars, to delivering internet access to remote areas with their high-flying high-tech balloons - the company has pulled off some astounding achievements.  Now, the internet know-it-all is taking a trip to the macabre.  Bloomberg reports that Google now has an AI (Artificial Intelligence) can predict when you will die with a staggering 95% accuracy.

First off, the dieometer (I coined the phrase, if you want to use it Google - call me) isn't for everyone.  For example, I told my wife about this story and she immediately asked me if I did it with a twinkle in her eye (I think I need to review the beneficiary section of my life insurance) - but I (and I guess she) was out of luck.  The new program is meant to work with Emergency Rooms in hospitals to evaluate newly admitted patients.  The new system is still being tested, but is already exceeding expectations.   It works by collecting and crunching data about the new patient, basically the same information collected in the 15 forms you have to fill out in the waiting room (age, gender, ethnicity, genetics, etc).  Then it cross references every single piece of medical information you have ever left behind, even the little notes your doctor may have written in the margins of your charts.  The AI gobbles up this data and is able to tell caregivers with a high degree of accuracy if you are a high-risk case.  The program is becoming more efficient and accurate the longer it is "on" and being fed data.  In fact now it can even determine how long you will have to stay in the hospital for your particular ailment.

It's just a matter of time before you will be making an appointment with Dr. Digital.

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