Jamal Adams can hit...really hard.

Ask the wide receivers in the AFC East, they know. Ask guys who lined up against him in the SEC, they know.

Now you can ask the New England Patriots mascot, because he knows.

Jamal Adams bodied this poor dude. In fact, Adams sent the mascot to the hospital.

The hit came at the NFL Pro Bowl's Skills Contest. Adams says he saw the Pats Mascot running around, getting booed by fans, and he decided he was going to get in on the action. In Adams' mind, he doesn't think he hit the mascot that hard, but I think this might be an instance of Adams now knowing his own strength. If you watch that video, he lights the dude up, HARD.

Sure, he's not hitting him as hard as he'd hit Gronk, or Tom Brady, but this dude in the suit isn't getting millions to play in the NFL. He's just some guy, having fun messing with fans at a low-key athletic event. Next thing you know, and all-world defensive back is putting him in the ground.

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