Eddie Murphy hasn’t been on ‘Saturday Night Live’ since 1984, and he hasn’t even participated in the various reunion shows that have happened in the years since he left the show. But he could show up this weekend.

Murphy’s co-star in the new movie ‘Tower Heist’ is Ben Stiller, who just so happens to be hosting this weekend’s ‘SNL.’ Rumors have begun to circulate that Murphy will finally make a cameo appearance on the show.

Murphy is reportedly upset with ‘SNL’ and producer/creator Lorne Michaels because of a joke David Spade made about Murphy on the show many years ago. During Spade’s popular “Hollywood Minute” segment, he showed a picture of Murphy and said “Quick, a falling star…make a wish!”

Of course, both sides say that there never was a feud and there’s nothing left to settle (and the picture above, taken in 2010, seems to show that Murphy has no personal beef with Spade), but it’s going to be fun to see if he actually shows up on the program this weekend.

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