Picture this scenario: you are in grade school, having lunch in the cafeteria, and all of a sudden someone yells out “food fight!” Before you know it, you are hurling freshly-scooped mashed potatoes at anything that moves in slow-motion, high-fiving friends and laughing at the absurdity of the situation. Oh, to be young!

Ok, realistically that scenario only happens in movies, but our point is throwing food now as an adult, especially while intoxicated, no longer earns you a trip to the principal’s office. You’ll just get arrested.

Troy Hansen of Adams, MN is being charged with gross misdemeanor assault after throwing a burrito (not a sexual euphemism, by the way) at a woman who denied him a cigarette.  When local police arrived, Hansen blew a .254 BAC and admitted to enjoying a six pack (always good with burritos).

Reports showed the assailant was previously arrested back in 2009 for third-degree domestic assault. We suspect the weapon of choice was an enchilada.

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