Some pretty stupid (and wildly entertaining) stuff can go down when alcohol is involved, like going on an airport joyride while wasted. It's not the smartest thing to do, but it happens. There's also the embarrassing drunk scenarios, like the one with this dude from Florida.

Angelo Bocchino was recently arrested for disorderly conduct at a club, put in handcuffs and shoved in the back of a cop car. Standard stuff and pretty boring. What happens next is the real kicker -- dude went nuts. Like, hanging out with a chihuahua in his crotch nuts. Bocchino started head-butting the front seat and flipping out toddler-style, in between crying for his mommy, infant-style. The dude also spit everywhere and broke one of the cop's noses with a sturdy kick to the face.

The rampage went on for a full 30 minutes, and even tasing the guy didn't do much to stop him from flipping. We're not entirely sure what went down after the arrest, but we're pretty certain he's OK, so there's that good news. Bad news: all his frat bros saw him on the six o'clock news crying for mommy.

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