You think I've lost my marbles, but hear me out.

Ever been on a long road trip and find yourself having to weave in and out of traffic. It's annoying! You think "why can't I just get in a lane, turn on the cruise control and go my merry way?" That left lane is certainly be temping, but it's not worth the ticket.

Wait... ticket?

That's right. You see, apparently you can receive a moving violation for cruising along in the left lane of the highway. I have a friend who has actually experienced this. She said she received a ticket for remaining in the left lane of a highway, instead of moving to the right.

Now, Texas blatantly expresses this law as a part of their "Share the Road" campaign on the Texas Department of Transportation website and it can cost you a fine of up to $200. After a little digging, I found that the same is true in Louisiana and Arkansas. It's called "obstructing" or "impeding" the flow of traffic.

Louisiana actually calls you "rolling roadblock" at this point.

You may be thinking, "I'm certainly not going slow in that lane." Well, that would probably mean you are speeding and that warrants a ticket of its very own. Just remember, if you pass someone, get back over into the right lane and if you find yourself being tailgated in the left lane, then just swallow your pride and move on over. I'm speaking mostly to myself on this one.

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