Sports can be full of conspiracy theories: referees, team owners, player superstitions...there's a lot going on.

But sometimes too many things fall into place to be coincidence. Even if it goes against conventional thinking, and the people around the situation deny what people start to believe, people can't help but suggest alternative theories to what they're seeing.

For example...why don't the New Orleans Saints draft LSU stars?

The Louisiana Radio Network has some details on the Saints response to this exact question:

"Since Sean Payton took over as Head coach of the Saints in 2006, the Black and Gold have drafted only one player from LSU. After leaving LSU’s pro day, General Manager Mickey Loomis says they do not avoid players from Tiger Town.
Loomis was asked if Leonard Fournette was available would they select the New Orleans native with the 11th overall pick. Loomis said he can’t answer that question."


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