To play, or not to play, that's been the question for Derrius Guice.

The LSU Tigers star running back has been hampered by injuries all season, and the first thing people asked when it was announced LSU would be playing in the Citrus Bowl was "will Guice play?"

But the question wasn't being asked because fans were too concerned about his health, as much as they were concerned about his future plans.

See, Derrius Guice is a high-end NFL Draft Prospect. The kind of kid would could hear his name called in the first 20 picks, and easily in the first round. If we look back to last year, when there were running back prospects in the same position across college football, some of them chose to sit out their bowl games. They didn't want to risk their NFL career (or at least draft spot) on a "meaningless" bowl game.

So people started asking about Guice right away. Well, Guice has answered on Twitter:

But, it comes with some fine print. Well, actually the print is all the same size, but you just have to read the whole statement. When he says "fully capable of playing" it leaves a lot to act as an out. If his ankle, knee, foot, shoulder, or anything else that he wants to list isn't 100%, is he "fully capable"?

You have to know that Notre Dame, and 32 NFL football teams, are reading that the same way. Which is that he honestly answered nothing by including the second half of that Tweet.

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