Two NFL franchises, separated by a few hours on the road, a few years of history, and a few NFL Championships. The Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans do share a state, and the cites do share a football team name (remember the Dallas Texans), and the makeup of their team has some similarities too.

Both teams have offensive minded coaches with Bill O'Brien in Houston, and Jason Garrett in Dallas. But those two feel like they're on different paths. Garrett feels like he's running out of chances, while O'Brien feels like he's just getting all of his pieces together.

Each team appears to have their franchise quarterbacks on the roster, with Dak Prescott in Dallas, and Deshaun Watson in Houston. Watson is coming off a knee injury, and Prescott is trying to find his way with few weapons around him.

There might be a few more similarities, but their differences will be magnified by the results of this weekend's game. If Dallas wins, they will be treated like a Super Bowl favorite. If Dallas loses, you'll hear calls to fire Garrett and cut Dak (it's already happened once this year). If Houston loses, their fans will find some positives in the performance, and they'll be excited for the next game. If Houston wins, they'll enjoy watching Cowboys fans meltdown online.

Either way, this week's Sunday Night Football will be entertaining.

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