Nothing lasts forever.

The Benson family has owned the New Orleans Saints football team since 1985 and it's hard to imagine the Saints without the Bensons.

Well, the day will come one day when the Benson family passes it on to someone else. Yes, it is already in the works.

After Tom Benson passed away in 2018, his wife took over the Saints and Pelicans, and she continues to oversee both.

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However, last year it was reported that both organizations will be sold upon her death. The catch though is that both will have to remain in the state of Louisiana.

So no new owner will walk in and relocate the teams. After all, many have credited the Bensons for keeping both the Saints and Pelicans in Louisiana when they could have easily packed up and moved.

In the report about succession for the Saints and Pelicans, Bleacher Report noted that Gayle Benson has no heirs to inherit the organizations, thus Saints President Dennis Lauscha will serve as executor of her estate and handle the process.

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With all of that said, who could possibly move in one day and own the New Orleans Saints? According to Bleacher Reports, the Saints often field calls from potential owners.

Well, a couple of names come to mind right away, and one last name makes all the sense in the world.

Could the Mannings, who are ROYALTY in New Orleans, scoop up the organization in their hometown?

Well, Albert Breer recently said on the Dan Patrick Show that Peyton and Eli Manning never took pay cuts while playing in the NFL because they hope to one day own an NFL franchise.

Yes, the Mannings wanted their money and they got their money while in the league and now it appears it's because of what they may have in their sight.

Remember, upon the death of current owner Gayle Benson, the team and organization will go up for sale.

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Have the Mannings been eyeing the New Orleans Saints for years, and if they would happen to buy the Saints, how good of owners do you think they will be?

In my opinion, I think they would be great owners of any NFL franchise. But in New Orleans, it would make the most sense.

Both Eli and Peyton live away from home now, but could NFL ownership one day bring both of them back to where they grew up? Perhaps.

We will have to wait and see, but you better believe that there is a plan in place for the Mannings, as there is for the future of the New Orleans Saints.


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