UPDATE: Antonio Brown has released the alleged text messages between Bucs head coach Bruce Arians and himself. These messages are what Brown is alleging as proof of knowledge that the team knew of his injury prior. The Buccaneers need to respond because if not this will continue to get worse.

Original Story:

Antonio Brown last Sunday versus the Jets had one of the most bizarre outbursts and walk-offs I've ever seen in the NFL. At one point it was believed that Antonio Brown was pulling a George Costanza and just quitting the Buccaneers. However, there is more to the story than what was originally reported.

Antonio Brown released a statement via his lawyer Sean Burstyn claiming a multitude of wrongdoings and malpractice by the Buccaneers. Brown claimed that the reason for his walk-off was that he injured his ankle and was being forced to play which he refused and thus ensued the abrupt departure.

Thread From Antonio Brown's Attorney On The Incident Vs The Jets

Whether it's the official statement released by Antonio Brown via his attorney or his attorney's direct thoughts via Twitter this whole situation is very damning of the Buccaneers if true. Because if Bruce Arians knew Antonio was hurt and forced him to play after taking a pain killer via shot then that's already an issue. But to double down, say go in the game, and play more once he told you he couldn't anymore is even worse and something that should never happen in professional sports.

However, that is just the beginning of the problems with this whole situation. Because what really grinds my gears is what Brown referred to as the "spin" after the game. The Buccaneers tried to spin the situation in the media. Coach Bruce Arians denied on TV that he knew anything of the ankle injury. Thus ensued the swell of opinions on social media of Brown quit, there must be mental health issues, or he is just crazy. The internet did exactly what the Buccaneers would want if what Antonio Brown is saying is accurate. He also goes on to say not only did Coach know of the injury but the GM did as well and texted him to confirm. Antonio Brown's next move should be to gather all this evidence with his lawyer and have it ready for the incoming lawsuit. Because if what he is saying is true then they are 100% in the wrong. However, I do have a feeling that is why they still haven't officially cut him because then they would really be in trouble.

Just like with any and everything social media has its thoughts on the Antonio Brown statement. Some people believe him, some people don't, and others are just there for the jokes.

Social Media's Reaction To Antonio Brown's Lengthy Statement On The Buccaneers

Two things really stand out to me on all of this. The first is if the MRI Antonio Brown has is real and the texts he claims to have with the GM acknowledging the injury is real then he has a real case. And that is only more real due to the fact that the Buccaneers did not officially cut him. Because if they did then this case would be cut and dry. But Antonio needs to have proof of the MRI. I don't think the NFL will let the public see the evidence if this is real because it will be damning to the league. He just needs to make sure he 100% has the evidence that he claims he has. And I must say that if what Antonio Brown is claiming is true then this radio host/writer is thoroughly sorry for calling you a quitter. In fact, you did the right thing in trying to preserve your body for the team to be able to play in the playoffs. A person should be strong enough to be able to admit when they are wrong. And if this is true then I am sorry Antonio Brown I was wrong.



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