How does that song go, "I fight authority, authority always wins", I believe that's the lyric from John Mellencamp or was John,  John Cougar Mellencamp, when he released that one? Regardless, I think we can all relate to that song on some level in our lives

And when it comes to "spiting and fighting" authority there is no place that happens more often than at a sporting event. We, the adoring fans, just don't seem to care for the ladies and gentlemen in the striped shirts or blue covered chest protectors whose task it is to adjudicate the play of the game on the field or court.

Personally, I don't care for those who yell at game officials. I believe they are simply doing the best job they can. Except for these jackwagons.

But that's pro sports and I think "thinking ill" of the referee is a little more widely acceptable. One place where such behavior should never be allowed is in high school sports. Part of the reason we have sports in schools is to teach discipline and self-control.

Fortunately, most of the players get that concept. It's the fans that don't quite understand the issue. For example, this incident recently happened at a high school basketball game in Tennessee. Watch the video below and then read on because it gets worse, much worse.

In case you weren't sure where to look, cast your eyes just to the right of the scorers' table at midcourt. The attempted "pantsing" takes place at about:25 seconds into the video which has gone viral.

Now here's where it gets worse. You probably noticed the person involved in this incident is a Tennesse State Representative. His name is Jeremy Faison and he is a pretty big deal in the Republican Party in that state.

Fortunately, Representative Faison realized the error of his ways and responded with what seemed to be a very genuine and sincere apology.

I certainly hope that is the case. I understand how emotions can get on edge during sporting events. That's why we love sports because they allow us to touch the edge of those emotions. Honestly, who didn't cry when the Saints won the Super Bowl? Yeah, right and you were dry-eyed when Old Yeller died too. Liar.

Regardless of how emotional or non-emotional sports tend to make us feel we have always got to keep those emotions in check. After all, it is truly only a game and in high school, it's less of a game and more of a lesson about life. Let's make sure the lessons we are sharing and teaching are the kinds of lessons we want our kids to actually learn.

XCountry Couple via YouTube
XCountry Couple via YouTube

Although I must admit, the thought of another grown man pulling the britches of another grown man down in public does make me laugh. Just don't let the kids see.

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