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What were Shreveport newscasts like in 1976? Actually pretty uninteresting compared to 2021. Although that might depend on what you consider "interesting".

Today's Shreveport newscasts are much more serious than the 1976 KTBS broadcast we found. Today's Shreveport news is filled with violence and fights on a consistent basis. Not just physical fights, but political and business fights load up news coverage. But it's not the fault of the people bringing you the news.

Sometime between 1976 and 2021, the term "if it bleeds, it leads" really took hold. But that wasn't a choice made by newscasters for personal interest...it was made because of the viewers.

You, the viewing public, are the ones who made the decision to have news reports filled with shootings, stabbings, and deaths. Newscasts that focus on positive news will not be viewed as much as violence filled newscasts. Just like web clicks. Website stories that feature negative news will be clicked at MUCH higher rates than positive news. That is a fact nationally, and locally in Shreveport.

But back in 1976, it seemed that news could be a little more moderate. Perhaps that is just this one particular December night we have featured in this broadcast...but based on what I know about the world in the 70s, I'm gonna go with my gut.

Before we get into the content, lets show some appreciation for the intro music; it sounds like it came out of a Ron Burgundy sketch. Also, the wardrobe and hair. This looks like a stereotype of the 1970s, which should remind us, that stereotypes are generally rooted in truth.

Now, when we look at the content, we see our point come into focus. Local unionization, teacher pay, politicians talking about working together, a consumer report on toys...this seems pretty mundane compared to 2021 newscasts.

By the way, how great are the extras included here when it comes to the commercials? We don't get to see a lot of them here, but what we do get are quality!

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