Louisiana's Ragin' Cajun baseball team went to Warhawk Field in Monroe on Friday night with a plan to play baseball against ULM.

Instead, mother nature got involved with plenty of rain and lighting, and after a three hour and fifteen minute delay, a rain out was announced. (The clubs will play a doubleheader Saturday. Click here for more info on game times and broadcast details)

One might assume the teams were bored as they waited for the clouds to part. It's never safe to assume.

Maybe the rain brought out the dance moves, or maybe freshmen shortstop Kennon Fontenot just likes to move.


Fontenot may have been king of the dance party, but the entire Ragin' Cajun baseball team celebrated being champions of an epic Rock-Paper-Scissor showdown with their opponents from Monroe.


The next time someone tells you rain delays are boring, show them this. This is what rain delays should be.

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