There have been some allegations of inappropriate behavior by Benton High School students and parents against visiting Southwood High band members at Friday night's football game.

Southwood parents say their teens were taunted and had racial slurs shouted at them. Here's the statement from Caddo Schools:

"Caddo Schools is working with our friends across the river to investigate allegations of inappropriate behavior against our Southwood High School Band students on Friday night. The district takes these concerns seriously and is working in conjunction with Bossier Schools to determine what took place that evening. Caddo has every confidence in Superintendent Machen and his staff’s abilities to conduct a thorough investigation, and we believe these matters will be answered with swift and decisive action."


We've also now got a statement from Bossier Schools:

"A thorough investigation into concerns voiced at Friday night’s Benton vs. Southwood game concluded today, following interviews with nearly 50 students and adults.


The findings revealed that, while booing was clearly heard in the stands when Southwood Band members visited the home side, there was no evidence of racial slurs or any physical contact or water thrown. These results are consistent with reports from three levels of investigative efforts; the school principal, the three Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Deputies present at the game and Bossier Schools’ Director of Security.


Nevertheless, Bossier Schools has high expectations of its students and does not condone any type of heckling or booing. We apologize to any Southwood High student who was offended by this display of poor sportsmanship. It is our pledge to promote positive competitiveness and always investigate and address any inappropriate behavior displayed."


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