In the press release we received from Blanchard Mayor Jim Galambos, you could certainly feel his excitement about the fact that there were still some good people left.

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People willing to do something to help fix a problem. And one of those people was none other than our good friend and Blanchard native, Dr. Ben Beach.

Tired of seeing trash along the streets and highways in his beloved hometown, Beach contacted the Mayor's office and offered his support by cleaning up Hwy 173 and from Elise to I-49 all by himself.

Out of that initial effort, a new initiative of "Neighbors Helping Neighbors" was born with Blanchard Volunteers.

Publicity photo
Publicity photo

Dr. Beach and Mayor Galambos have started recruiting other community leaders and concerned citizens to help do something about the trash issue and clean up when and where it's needed.

Any and all interested in volunteering for this new initiative, "Neighbors helping Neighbors", are asked to join Dr. Beach and Mayor Galambos this Saturday, March 11, from 7:30 am until 12:00 pm for the first ever organized clean up.

The clean up meeting will begin at Northpoint Church at 6675 Highway 1.

The goal after this first clean-up, is to continue to help maintain a clean Caddo parish while inspiring other communities to step up and step in to handle their own neighborhood trash nuisance.

Organizers plan to have subsequent clean-up days beginning April 1 and the first Saturday of each month thereafter.

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