LSU Men's Basketball may be heading to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA Tournament, but times aren't exactly great for the program. As the team prepares for their upcoming tournament game, they are also awaiting the fate of their head coach, Will Wade.

Wade is a major focus of an ongoing FBI probe, which has lead to his indefinite suspension from LSU. The whole situation has led many to believe that Wade has coached his last game on the LSU sidelines.

So the next big question is "where does LSU find their next coach?" Because after a scandal like this, there are two big concerns: 1. How many NCAA punishments will come at the program? 2. What kind of coach wants to deal with digging out of that?

If Wade goes, and if the NCAA is looking bringing punishments against the program, it's going to hurt player recruiting, which will hurt coaching recruiting. No young 'up and coming' coach is going to want to attach himself to that kind of no-win scenario. Getting a retread coach isn't going to move your program forward.

But a name has surfaced that's caused a lot of reaction, including from that particular coach.

Last week Tim Fletcher, the morning host on 1130 The Tiger (KWKH) in Shreveport suggested that Baylor Women's Basketball Coach Kim Mulkey would be the best option for LSU.

But it wasn't just that Fletcher brought the idea up, a source contacted Mulkey while the show was on the air, and she responded.

Mulkey told the source that she responded with "I like that".

It didn't end there, the source continued with responses from Mulkey, who continued to express her interest in the idea by saying "I know the state, I know X's and O's, intent, passionate, what's the negative about doing it?"

It does make sense. The best way to counteract the negatives being brought to the program by the Wade scandal would be to do something no one has ever done before. If Mulkey was named the Men's Coach at LSU, instantly the narrative would shift from all of the bad things Wade did (or may have done) to how incredible the move from LSU is.

The hiring of Mulkey also couldn't be written off as a cheap stunt, she's from Louisiana (growing up in Tickfaw), won two National Championships as an All-American player at Louisiana Tech, won an Olympic Gold Medal, coached at Louisiana Tech for 15 years, coached Baylor to 2 National Championships in Women's Basketball, has been named Coach of the Year multiple times...and her son, Kramer Robertson, is an LSU Baseball hero.

If not now, when? When would be a better time for a Division 1 NCAA Men's program to hire a woman as their head coach? All of the important parts seem to be coming together, and now might be the time to make this a reality.

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