Feeling lonely...would like someone to hold you? You are in luck. Just in time for Valentine's Day you can be cuddled by a professional cuddler. You read that right, a professional cuddler. Why be alone or risk a basic unprofessional cuddle, when you can be cuddled by someone who has been trained in the art of cuddling?

Enter Cuddlist, a website dedicated to connecting you with someone who knows how to cuddle. If you use Cuddlist, you can select a professional cuddler to snuggle right up to your wallet. You didn't think this was going to be free did you?

Sadly, the service is not yet offered in Louisiana so we will have to stick with cuddling up with the people who love us. If you don't mind spending the cash you can take a short trip to Texas and get your cuddle on.

Want to know more, of course you do. Check out the video below.


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