Like most sports questions of this kind, it depends on the metrics. Like time-frame, qualifiers, who's voting, what's the voting method, is it stat-based. Things like that will determine the answers more than the facts themselves.

So if we're asking about the New Orleans Saints and Cleveland Browns, we're going to have to set parameters.

First, if you want to talk about "all time", then the Browns are better than the Saints. The Saints are just 4 and 13 all time against the Browns. So yeah, all time the Browns are better than the New Orleans Saints.

But if we move that metric, and drop off the history of the "Aints", and bring up the more recent past of the Browns, there's really no argument. The Browns haven't won a game since December 24th of 2016. In contrast, the Saints won 11 games last year, which means you'd have to combine the last 5 Browns seasons together to come up with the win total the Saints gained last season.

So are the Browns actually better than the Saints? Let's just settle it on the field today.

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