LSU Quarterback Joe Burrow has established his legend status in Baton Rouge now. But back in May of 2018, he was just a grad transfer from Ohio State, who was starting the process to find a new home.

All the way back in 2018, we took a look at who and what Joe Burrow was at that time. Here's what I wrote in a piece on May 10th, 2018:

"Reports say former Ohio State quarterback Joe Burrow will visit LSU this weekend.

Sports Illustrated also reported that Burrow will visit Cincinnati, while Florida and Nebraska are also in play for his services. Though as of this moment, he has not officially listed all of the schools he intends to visit as he looks for a new home.

Burrow announced on Tuesday that he’ll transfer from Ohio State and since he graduates this spring, he can play next season. Much like Brandon Harris did at North Carolina after leaving LSU.

But this grad-transfer is different than most. Not only was Burrow a highly sought after 4-star high school plyer, he will transfer in with two years of eligibility remaining. Meaning he will not only be able to play right away for the team that lands him, but he can keep his roster spot (and possibly starting role) for another year.

LSU may need the services of a veteran signal caller, since there has been no clear cut starter to emerge in the three way race for the Tigers starting QB job. Myles Brennan, Lowell Narcise, and Justin McMillian have all taken turns trying to win the gig this Spring, but none have been able to take the job outright.

Burrow could come in, start right away, and lead the team for the near future, which is why his name is so hot in Baton Rouge right now."

Some of those LSU names are long gone, but Myles Brennan is still in Baton Rouge. But it's just amazing to see where Joe Burrow was, versus where he is now.

In May of 2018, we saw a highly recruited 4-star quarterback, who wasn't going to be named the starter in Columbus. We didn't know what he had, we didn't know where he'd fit. Now, hitting the final stretch of the 2019 season, he's the favorite to win the Heisman, he's being projected as a top NFL Draft pick, and he beat Alabama (AT Alabama). He went from "maybe" to "legend" pretty quick.

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