For nearly a month, the world of internet gaming has been in a constant chase to figure out what has happened to one of the biggest names in the online gaming community...Dr. Disrespect.

Back in June, the game-streaming platform Twitch banned Dr. Disrespect permanently. This caught the industry off guard, because Dr. Disrespect, or more specifically his alter-ego (his legal name) Guy Beahm, signed a massive multi-million dollar exclusive deal with Twitch this year.

Initially there were "online journalists" who tried to paint this as some massive legal scandal, insinuating that Guy Beahm had broken some law, or was under some massive investigation. Some of these "online journalists" claimed they knew the reason for the ban, but said they wouldn't tell anyone because of the "importance and sensitivity" of the issues. Now it appears that these "reports" were more or less hit pieces against Beahm leaked out by Twitch to paint Beahm in a bad light.

Even though these hit pieces attempted to make it sound like Beahm has broken some law, or would soon be arrested, nothing like that has come out in the last month. So it appears to be something more, perhaps something more like a contract dispute.

This whole thing has actually been broken down numerous times by an actual lawyer. The team at Hoeg Law has been covering this Dr. Disrespect saga in multiple parts of their Virtual Legality Youtube series.

We're going to review these out of order. First, Richard Hoeg, the lawyer behind this series, breaks down the interviews that Beahm gave a few weeks ago, and how those interviews secretly answer some of the questions surrounding this case. Hoeg also mentions some of the "online journalists" and how they're pushing of conspiracy theories are nothing more than that. He circles specifically around one "online journalist" who has said they know the exact reason, but won't publish it until there's a publication that will offer them protection from a defamation lawsuit. Hoeg points out that the easiest defense again defamation is TRUTH, and if a "journalist" is worried about a defamation lawsuit, they don't have THE TRUTH...

Now we're going to jump to the most recent video. Hoeg breaks down how this saga is playing out, and responds to a lot of the online comments on the situation. He reviews the theory that Twitch decided to cut Dr. Disrespect (Beahm) because their contract with him was no longer valuable because their competition, Mixer, is gone. He uses the music video that Dr. Disrespect posted as evidence that the Hoeg Law theories have been correct all along...

Let's now jump to the first Hoeg Law video on the Dr. Disrespect saga. In this video Richard Hoeg explains how this appears to be a contract dispute, and not some form of legal investigation against Beahm...

The last two videos are playing off the same ideas. Which is basically that this is all a race for a settlement. Between frivolous lawsuits and how silence from both sides indicates that this is a contract dispute, and not something more like "online journalists" tried to suggest.


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