Once again a video game is raising the ire and concern of parents, school officials, and even police. No, this game doesn't feature people stealing cars, shooting hookers, or doing bad things to the police. This game takes place inside a toy factory and the main character is a Teddy Bear looking thing. Of course, this Teddy Bear looking thing does have razor-sharp teeth and advocates hugging people until they breathe their last breath.

Many parents groups and school administrators are cautioning parents to mindful of what kids are being allowed to watch and play while online. In many cases, parents simply hand the child an iPhone or tablet and as long as the kid is quiet, the parents are happy. But apparently, the Huggy Wuggy videos are not just garbage in, garbage out. 

There have been more than a few reports of children reenacting actions they have seen in the game and on videos at the playgrounds at school and in backyards at home. Some of the other disturbing behavior that has been reportedly associated with Huggy Wuggy include a three-year-old who attempted to jump out of a window after watching older siblings play the "Poppy Playtime" game.

Parents will want to know that the game, Poppy Playtime, is rated for ages 12 and older. But we all know the reality that video games intended for older kids often get into the hands of those much younger, in fact, too young to understand the nuances of the game.

Another aspect of Huggy Wuggy's popularity is that many fans of the video game are creating their own fan-made videos. Many of those videos show up on YouTube of Tik Tok and don't seem to be scrutinized as diligently as videos from the actual game manufacturer are.

So, parents let this be a word to the wise, monitor what your kids are watching or playing online and if something doesn't fit your sensibilities, then you have the right to not allow it. Especially if it is teaching your youngster poor social skills and violent behavior. They'll have plenty of time to learn that from watching the nightly news when they get older.

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