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The saga surrounding one of the biggest video game streamers on the planet, and his ban from Twitch, took an interesting turn this week.

Dr. Disrespect, the character created and portrayed by former Call of Duty creative team member Guy Beahm, was banned from streaming platform Twitch in 2020. This was a huge story in the online gaming community for a few reasons, most notably the giant contract that Beahm had with Twitch. That contract was thrown out right away upon his ban.

Now, Doc (Beahm) was able to land on his feet with a streaming platform, moving over to YouTube. But he doesn't have an exclusive contract worth, as he describes it, "eight figures" like he did with Twitch. Even though Twitch dropped him (and his massive contract), his other sponsors kept him on. Not only did he retain sponsors, he added more, like Mt. Dew, Roccat, FanDuel, and others have continued to support Doc.

But even with sponsors staying on, Doc revealed this week that he has lost other sponsorship opportunities due to the Twitch ban.

During a stream this week, Doc revealed that he has lost sponsorship opportunities, partnerships, marketing deals, and more due to the Twitch ban. But maybe the biggest news he revealed was that he now knows WHY he was banned from Twitch.

The reason behind the ban was a very tightly held, and still is for the public. But even Doc wasn't told why he was banned up front. Now that he knows what the reason is, and now that he knows how much he lost because of that ban, he has announced he will be suing Twitch. Check out the clip here (NSFW language):

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