I love listening to video game soundtracks. Some will find that weird but music has always been a huge part of your favorite video games. From the 8 bit era to today's modern games, the music of your game can be more memorable than the gameplay itself.

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When I say Super Mario Brothers, what's one of the first things that pops in your head? Da-da-da-da-do-dant-do. No matter how little or how much you played, that opening sound from level 1-1 will always stick with you.

The Legend of Zelda is another piece of music we will never forget.

Even as we moved into the 16 bit era, music still played a huge roll in our favorite games. With the bump in technology, that music just better. Perfect example is the Streets of Rage series on the Sega Genesis. The music from that game is considered the best of any game ever.

Just the opening cinematic music along is fantastic.

What I love the most about the collectors edition of games that I own is that they come with the game's soundtrack. My favorite would have to be for Final Fantasy 7 Remake. It's is an orchestral masterpiece. Game soundtracks have become so popular that you can attend a full concert with a professional orchestra.

I have no problem blasting this music from car heading down South Broadway.

Another soundtrack I have been in love with lately is for Streets of Rage 4. It has a nice throwback feel but with a modern edge to it. It is a really fun listen.

The whole soundtrack is a banger. Really sit down and listen to your favorite game's soundtrack sometime, you'll be surprised how much you will love it.

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