Mo Isom is one of the most celebrated female athletes in LSU History. She was an All-American goalie for the LSU Women's Soccer team during her time in Baton Rouge. She also competed to be kicker for the LSU Football Team and gained national attention for doing so. But there is much more to Mo Isom than just her talents as an athlete.

Mo currently travels around the country speaking about her story and her faith.  Mo overcame unimaginable obstacles during her time at LSU and still managed to compete and flourish.  Obstacles like her father's suicide and her car wreck that nearly cost her her life.  She was voted Homecoming Queen her senior year in 2011.  She will be at Tiger Stadium November 10th for the Mississippi State game to hand the crown over.

I was able to talk with Mo prior to the LSU/Alabama game during the Tigerbait Tailgate show.

Mo talks about her reign as LSU Homecoming Queen. 


Mo talks about trying out for the LSU Football team. 

Mo talks about training to play football versus soccer.

Mo on training with the nation's best student-athletes. 

Mo on her youtube hit... "Meaux Versus." 

Mo's inspiring story. 

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Mo on the LSU Football Team prior to the Alabama Game. 

Mo on Tyrann Mathieu.