We definitely live in the age of technology...cell phones, tablets, iPads, game consoles - it seems that every kid has at least one electronic device. No one is uncomfortable with a five-year -old playing an X-Box. But what about a five-year-old with a cell phone??

According to a study done by vouchercloud.net, the average American child will have a cell phone by the age of 7! The average?? That means that children younger than 7 are walking around with a cell phone these days. What??

Parents were asked to take a poll to identify all electronic devices that their children owned...you know, everyday technology items. Here's the results:

  • Cell Phone – 96%
  • Own TV / Sound system – 83%
  • Tablet – 75%
  • Handheld games console e.g. Nintendo DS – 71%
  • eBook Reader – 65%

Parents were also asked the question, “At what age did your child have their first cell phone?” and the average answer was SIX!!!

As a parent, I am all for being able to have constant communication with my children, but on an everyday basis who is a six-year-old child calling??