About two weeks ago there was an epidemic at different McDonald's locations across the country. That epidemic was centered around one thing and one thing only: Szechuan Sauce!

McDonald's decided to drop a surprise for Rick and Morty fans by having a single day where the Szechuan Sauce returned to stores. Some stores were only given about 20 sauce packets and other 40 packets to give away even though hundreds of fans flocked to McDonalds to get their hands on the sauce.

Some fans were so desperate to get the sauce that they were even willing to trade their vehicles for the illusive and mystical Szechuan Sauce. According to Huffington Post, a 23-year-old graphic designer, Rachel Marie, managed to get her hands on some sauce and then was asked if she would like to trade it for a 2000 Volkswagen Golf Mk4.

Someone even offered her for $300. However, she gave in and handed over her single sauce packet for the car.

As a Rick and Morty fan I can see the need and want for the Szechuan Sauce, but I don't think I would've traded my car for it.

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