This was ugly.

Watch as fans at a Pittsburgh Steelers game throw down after a woman slaps a man while arguing the stands.

It seems like the woman's husband tried to stop her from arguing with the other man, but she wasn't having any of it.

You can hear the man in the white shirt tell this woman to not touch him and that is when she slaps in the face.


His instincts kicked in, but he contained himself and did not punch the woman that had just slapped him.

Well, the man with this woman gets up to defend her and that is when the brawl ensues. Sadly, the man who was trying to stop this woman from acting immature in the stands gets knocked out and security moves in.

We have seen a number of incidents like this during the pre-season games of the NFL, and sadly we will likely see much more as the season moves on.


Whatever happened to going to a game to enjoy it? Whatever happened to folks just being nice to one another?

Let's save that discussion for another day. Here's the fight.

Now that this fight has gone viral, many are now commenting on this video. Here are some of the Tweets that caught my attention.

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