Months after getting indefinitely suspended from LSU, the former head basketball coach is set to meet with the school and the NCAA. LSU's impressive basketball season, which resulted in a trip to the Sweet 16, will always be marred by the situation surrounding coach Will Wade.

Wade was suspended once FBI wiretaps revealed he was seemingly involved in some pretty intense recruiting violations. Wade, a promising young coach, was thought to be long gone just a short while ago. If you don't follow sports, you may not know that this was easily the biggest story in all of sports for quite some time.

Now, though, the former coach is inching closer to a return to Baton Rouge. Being as he was never fired from LSU, only suspended indefinitely, one would think there was always a chance for a return, as unlikely as that seemed.

Tomorrow, April 12th, Wade will meet with LSU and the NCAA for the very first time since his suspension. As to what the meeting may or may not lead to, well I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

In the meantime, GEAUX TIGERS!

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