The NFL seems to have a love/hate relationship with the HBO TV series "Hard Knocks"...the league LOVES it, and teams HATE it.

A few years ago, teams were not interested in volunteering for the production, so the NFL stepped in with rules and a threat to force teams to participate. Which has resulted in the list of teams eligible for the show, by league standards, to become pretty short. The Saints have found themselves on that list.

It's understandable why teams aren't interested. Your team will be infiltrated by cameras and production crew during it's most vulnerable times, which could have a negative impact on the rest of your season. In fact, of the 11 seasons of the show, only two participating teams have won playoff games.

Here's more on the possible Saints participation, according to the Louisiana Radio Network:

"There was some speculation the Saints will be featured on H-B-O’s “Hard Knocks” but instead another team from the NFC South will receive that publicity. Tampa Bay Buccaneer officials say they will make a major announcement and they are expected to say they’ve been chosen to participate in the popular HBO series."

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