After two weeks of college football, and plenty of upsets and surprises along the way, fans have started to react to the pre-season and early-season college football rankings.

Not surprisingly, there are a lot of complaints.

The website compiled data from Twitter, looking at the most disgruntled fans and coming up with a map showing who Americans think are the most overrated teams out there.

At the top of the list isn't Alabama, though. It's Utah.

Most overrated teams (Courtesy BetOnline)
Most overrated teams (Courtesy BetOnline)

Utah is considered the most overrated team in 14 states. Notre Dame comes in net with 13 states. Alabama sits behind the Fighting Irish at 12 states.

After that, Oregon and Texas each are ranked overrated by four states and Florida has three states (including Louisiana).

No other college football team comes close.

The map was put together using software that tracks social media trends and geotagged posts. The company puts together these sports-based maps each month.

Utah opened the season at No. 7 in the preseason ranking but lost a tight game to the Florida Gators. They are now at No. 14 after a 73-7 win vs. Southern Utah.

Notre Dame, under new head coach Marcus Freeman, is 0-2 after losing to Ohio State and Marshall.

Alabama is currently No. 2, and currently are 2-0 though they were very close to a loss against Texas last weekend.

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