Coach O recently stopped by practice at Notre Dame to troll LSU head Coach Brian Kelly. OK, maybe not but...possibly absolutely.

Coach O at Notre Dame
Twitter Via Notre Dame Football

Video Of Coach Ed Orgeron At Notre Dame

Former LSU Head Coach Ed Orgeron stopped by Notre Dame where his replacement Brian Kelly used to work and told the Fighting Irish they're gonna "Win it all" in a pretty inspiring speech.

Coach O and LSU officially parted ways in October of 2021 but, Orgeron finished out the season before cleaning out his desk.

Obviously, as we all know, before the end of 2021 LSU announced they were hiring Brian Kelly away from Notre Dame to fill the vacant head coaching position.

Yesterday on April 12, Coach O apparently just happened to be in the neighborhood and stopped by practice up in South Bend to say hello to the Notre Dame football team and coaches.

Now, we're not speculating that Orgeron is looking to join the Notre Dame coaching staff, but we are speculating Orgeron stopped by as a way to troll Brian Kelly.

And we kinda really love it.

From -

"Ed Orgeron also spoke with the Fighting Irish after spring football practice and proceeded to throw indirect shade at Brian Kelly.

The LSU/Notre Dame/Orgeron/Kelly/Freeman connection that was recently established during the off-season really came full circle and it couldn’t have been better."

The above pic was tweeted out yesterday by Notre Dame showing Orgeron on the field checking out Notre Dame's defense.

Orgeron's speech to the Notre Dame football team was nothing short of inspiring.

It's not hard to see how a team would follow him into battle after seeing this video.

"How bad do you want it? You don’t have to wait for it. Why does somebody need to be better than y’all? I’ll tell you what, physicality, use it. Other teams fear it. Use it."


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