When enjoying an NFL broadcast either on the radio or on television have you ever found yourself uttering these words, "what were they smoking"? I know I have. The rhetorical question could have been directed at a particular play call, a particular penalty called, or just something really stupid that Troy Aikman or Joe Buck might have said.

The fact is that while we don't believe the players, referees, and even the announcers are stoned while they are doing their jobs, we do know for a fact that a lot of the fans tuning in for the game are baked harder than those awful brownies you might find in an Easy-Bake Oven.

But according to a story from dispenaries.com cannabis use among sports fans is nothing to blow smoke at. If you're wondering what sport's fans use the most cannabis it would be the fans of MMA/UFC. Which kind of surprises me.

Fans of that sport are usually aggressive and gregarious by nature. Weed, excuse me, cannabis tends to put an individual in a more relaxed mood. Which is not the typical mood of an MMA event.

Of the four major sports leagues in America, namely the NFL, the NHL, the NBA, and Major League Baseball, the fans that are most like to roll a big fattie for the game are those that support the NFL. 36% of NFL fans say they like to get high and watch football.

The number for basketball is 35% while 33% of hockey fans say they enjoy cannabis during the game. Surprisingly only 30% of baseball fans like a hit of the good stuff before or during a game. Personally, if ever there was a sport that I'd need chemical help to watch, it would be baseball. But it certainly wouldn't be a substance that would make me more mellow. Baseball is mellow enough.

It shouldn't be surprising that the NFL fan base that gets high the most while watching their team play are fans of the Atlanta Falcons. Anybody surprised by that? After watching the Falcons for a few seasons I can see why you'd want to dull the pain, the brain, the senses, and the emotions before having to endure the way the Dirty Birds play.

According to Green Entrepreneur, 77% of Falcons fans like to "get fired up" before or during a game. The same percentage of Baltimore Ravens fans said they like to get high for football too. Oddly enough, cannabis is decriminalized in Maryland but still highly illegal in Georgia.

Other NFL fan bases that light the left-handed cigarette the most include Jacksonville, Arizona, Buffalo, Indianapolis, Houston, Carolina, Las Vegas, and the fans of the L.A. Chargers. By the way, those fan bases are listed in descending order.

The NFL fan base that gets high the least? Arguably the most successful, the New England Patriots. I think I know why. It's really hard to get high when you're already drunk, like many of the New England faithful appear to be every time they are shown in the stands on television. Or perhaps they are too lightheaded from underinflating footballs. Or maybe they don't need chemicals to relax, since they like to spend time in massage parlors.

If you're wondering about how much pot fans of the New Orleans Saints use it's somewhere in the middle. But Lord knows when it's playoff time and we see the little yellow hankie flying out of the referee's pocket we probably all want to be reaching for something medicinal.

Okay since there aren't any NFL games we can watch, unless you like watching rerun football on NFL Network, how about a football movie? Those can be almost as frustrating as watching a real game right?

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