This is something I have griped about for a long time.  When I come into a business to spend my money, I expect to be treated kindly and not ignored. It boggles my mind to see some of these workers totally ignore customer service.

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I am not alone. A couple of my friends recently had troubles on this same front.  One posted:

I want to support local businesses and restaurants, especially in downtown Shreveport. Unfortunately following the Gemini Parade Saturday night I walked out of two establishments due to disrespectful treatment and lack of service. A table of 6 that would likely spend $200+ and tip staff. This is simply unacceptable and we have to do better than this.

Do these businesses not realize how devastating this can be when people start talking about poor service?

Another friend says she went into the Dollar General in Frierson and the clerk took her money and didn't even greet or speak to her at all. Why? Where is common courtesy?  She says it happened to a man in front of her in line too:

Before he got a chance to walk out of the store I asked her if she realized that she had just let a customer put his hard earned money in her hand and she didn’t have the decency to speak a word to him. He stopped in the door way and said “oh you noticed that too huh”. Now it’s my turn and I get the exact same thing. ZERO! NADA! NOTHING! Another employee walks up and I ask if she’s the manager and yes manager on duty. I began to tell her exactly what has happened and she decided we should go outside and talk about it. I follow her outside, (man still out there too) she apologizes to us both and tells us they are “working on getting her to ”Open up more”. 

Will a complaint to the corporate office help?  I don't know.  But I do know if I have the option of using auto check out machines, I use them because of this problem. I hope these workers have other skills, because pretty soon, jobs as a check out person will be gone.

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