Say goodbye to the Mercedes Benz Superdome, the New Orleans venue will have a new name next year.

It's going to be weird not seeing that monstrous Mercedes Benz logo on the side of our beautiful Superdome, but then again, I've never really liked that Mercedes also sponsors the Falcon's new stadium in Atlanta. That just never really felt right with me, so in a way, I'm glad.

Don't want to be sharing anything with those damn dirty birds...

Anyways, starting in 2021, The New Orleans Superdome will be looking for a new title sponsor.

WDSU reports that the Mercedes Benz naming rights contract expires in 2021, and the car company has chosen to not renew. Hard to believe that Mercedes-Benz has been the Superdome's for nearly 10 years. They originally signed their ten-year deal in 2011 worth $60 Million. Mercedes will now prioritize their relationship with the Falcons and their stadium in downtown Atlanta.

As for the Superdome, our state's great venue is currently undergoing a monstrous renovation, valued at $450 Million. The renovation is taking place in the off-season and around major sporting events like the NCAA Final Four in 2022.

The renovations are so massive, they won't be officially competed until 2024. Which could be delayed further if COVID-19 sticks around too long.

So, what do you thin the Superdome's name should be? Of course, I like the classic "Superdome". Kinda like out Independence Bowl, regardless of who the sponsor is, mostly everyone locally will just call it the Independence Bowl.

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