I went around the office asking several dads what they REALLY want for Father's Day. I want the cold hard truth. Imagine my surprise when I asked two men to just give it to me straight and one guy didn't even hesitate to say "Time alone. Seriously time away from the reason we are father's" and the other chimed in with "and a steak".

Keep in mind I thought I was going to get something odd like "Pedicures and unlimited beers" I didn't think a dad would want to spend time away from their kids! I guess you need to be expecting the cold hard truth when you ask a question like that. If you refuse to gift that special dad in your life with time away from you or your children here are some unique things you can gift him!

  1. AncestryDNA- We know Dad is proud of where his great great grandfather came from, so let him have an awesome geographical map to prove it! Right now they have a Father's Day Special, it's only $69.
  2. Tickets to the ball game- He has a favorite team but he always watches from the "best seat in the house" his recliner. get him a new team hat that doesn't have a sweat ring on it, and shirt and gift him tickets to see his favorite team in action!
  3. MAN Baskets- Fill up a basket your dad can reuse. Fill the basket with his favorite treats. You can make a beef jerky basket with beer, or give dad those cigars and a fine whiskey. Don't forget to add his favorite on the go snack like Nutter Butters!

What else do you gift the dads in your life? Tell us in the comments below!

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