Father's Day

A Step-Father’s View on Father’s Day
If you had told me 10 years ago that I would be married with two kids at 28 I flat-out would have laughed in your face. I would have laughed even harder if you had told me those two kids would be step-kids. And yet, here I am coming up on Father's Day with my heart filled with anticipation of w…
How Does Louisiana Rank for Working Dads?
With Father's Day coming up this Sunday and much of the focus this spring being on pay equality in Baton Rouge, we thought it would be a good opportunity to see how Louisiana ranked as a place to live and work for working dads. You might be surprised at the results.
How to Go from a Regular Dad to a Cool Dad in 5 Easy Steps
With Father's Day coming up on June 16, the question 'what makes a dad cool?' has come up around the office. Is it the way he roughhouses with his kids? Or maybe the way he helps them keep a secret with three simple words: 'Don't tell mom.'
We stumbled across photographer Dave Engledow, who seems to …

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