On Saturday, a 12 person jury in Gretna's 24th Judicial District Court took about 6 hours to return a guilty verdict against 45 year old Furnell Daniel Sr. for killing his 14 year old son Jalen.  Furnell Daniel was the only witness to testify for the defense, and during that testimony - he admitted to using a 4 foot long board from a baby crib to beat the boy as a form of punishment.  Jalen had brought home a failing grade of "F"  in Social Studies.  He had received a "B" during the previous grading period.

Jalen received skull fractures, a broken wrist, a fractured knee cap and bruising all over his body from the beating.  Furnell admitted that he knew the boy was badly injured, and he should have sought out medial care much sooner.  Unfortunately, he waited 19 hours before he would allow the call to 911 to be made.  His son would die in the hospital 2 days later.

According to NOLA.com - Furnell Daniel will be sentenced on November 27th, he could receive up to 40 years.

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