Funding for highway projects in Louisiana is limited and much of the money is used as leverage to bring in federal dollars.

DOTD has a list of priorities for Megaprojects across the state and I was surprised to see two projects on the list from Shreveport Bossier that I did not even know we were thinking about. On the "A" list (top priority) I find the widening of I-20 from the Red River Bridge to I-49. Another local project on the "A" list is widening of I-20 from Benton Road to I-220. I've never heard these projects discussed.

If you were to ask me what the top priorities in our area would be, I would say I-49 extension and the Jimmie Davis Bridge. Both of those projects make it to the "B" list of priorities. We did talk to Transportation Secretary Dr. Shawn Wilson about the priorities and he says an item on the "A' list might not be funded ahead of items on the "B" list.

There is a $13 billion dollar backlog of road improvement projects. You can get more details on DOTD funding and priorities by clicking here.

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