You don’t need a big appetite to enjoy this burger. You need several big appetites.

A Wendy’s (which once had the insanely popular "Where's the beef?" ad campaign) in Canada is actually selling this mammoth burger, called the ‘T-Rex.’

The ad for the towering heap of anti-vegetarianism was posted on Reddit. It appears in the store, which is the only known restaurant in the chain offering the T-Rex.

With nine patties, it's got more meat on display than a Ron Jeremy movie and should satisfy the hunger of any small country. The store says it began selling this gateway cuisine to E. coli to the public after customers requested it upon seeing a fake ad for it several years back in an issue of Sports Illustrated.

Of course, if the T-Rex, which costs $21.99, doesn’t fill you up (assuming you can figure out how to eat it), you can always upgrade to the combo for $3 more where we'd like to imagine you get nine orders of fries and nine large sodas to help you expedite the whole heart attack thing that’s bound to happen.

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