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I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I saw this on Doug Warner's Facebook page last night.

Clearly, Benton, Louisiana didn't change its name to 'Bitten,' Louisiana. I'm thinking, hoping actually, that this is a case of a bad voice-to-text translation because the alternative is just sad.

What am I referring to? Tuesday, July 27th, an unnamed person to protect the innocent, posted a horribly misspelled question in the private Facebook group dedicated to the Town of Benton. However, when asking whether or not the Sonic in Benton was open for business, they wrote, 'Is sonic and bitten closed does anyone know?' Now I'm not the sharpest, but it actually hurt to type that! Since the question was posted, it's gone viral and the Sonic in Benton answered the question in the best way possible... by adding 'We are Bittenstrong' to their sign. Well played Sonic! Just in case you were wondering, the manager of that location is Benton, LA resident Bo Cobb, a long-time friend of mine who's always had a great sense of humor. Keep it up Sonic!

Here are a few of my favorite responses to Doug's post:

Maura Littel Ayres
Seeing that sign on my way home from school made my entire day!

Tena Thompson Sanders
We love stoppin’ at Bitten Sonic more than ours in ‘Arkansaw’ #staystrongbittensonic

Crystal Lee
How did I miss this??? I get notified every time someone does 46 in a 45 but noooo not the bitten post.

Brandee Bre'Anne Doyle
If you don’t have a sense of humor- you don’t belong here in Bitten

Jessica George Oliver
Bo Cobb Bitten Sonic broke the interwebs

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