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We finally have sports back and they've been back for almost two weeks now specifically when it comes to baseball.

Tuesday, there was a day game between the Minnesota Twins and Pittsburgh Pirates at Target Field home of the Twinkies and in the fifth inning, there was a delay. However, there was no inclement weather, it was sunny skies but the problem was that there was a flying object hovering around centerfield.

The flying object wasn't a bird, it wasn't a bug, it was an unauthorized drone controlled by a player to be named later. Now, we've seen everything in 2020 during a year we're dealing with a pandemic.

If you don't believe me, take a look for yourself via Fox Sports North on Twitter:

The umpires proceeded to pull the players off the field due to safety precautions and there was a little bit of a delay while they waited for the drone to make its way away from the field.

Now, is operating a drone over a ballpark annoying? Yes, and it's actually illegal. Who knew?

The law is that you're not allowed to fly any object over any MLB game according to the Federal Aviation Administration, making the flight of that rouge drone very much illegal.

Moral of the story, be careful where you fly your drone even if you are just trying to get a birdseye view of a ball game.


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