With Halloween right around the corner, I always like to look back on the horror and suspense movies that were filmed, or at least had some filming done, in the Shreveport and Bossier area. There are plenty to choose from too.

We actually already have a list of at least 15 that you can check out, but instead of just going over the movies, and watching their trailers, let's take some time to talk about which ones are our favorites. Not the "best", but your favorite.

There's a reason for the distinction.

The reason to do "favorite" over "best" is because some of the scary Shreveport movies are not cinematic masterpieces. In fact, any movie that carries the term 3D in it's title isn't award worthy anywhere...and there are some of those on this list. But they're STILL fun movies. So we want them to be in the consideration.

We're also not going to put all 15 on our voting ballot. Because honestly some of these are so obscure, it's unlikely enough people have watched them to impact the vote. So lets focus on the bigger ones.

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