Louisiana has had their share of movies produced in the state. From superhero movies to horror movies, and everything in between. A good chunk of those movies have actually been filmed in the Shreveport area.

Of those Shreveport movies, you've got a big group of Romantic Comedies (or Rom-Coms). Not just a lot of rom-coms, but a lot with really big stars. Antonio Banderas, Meg Ryan, Gerard Butler, Jessica Biel, Dennis Quaid, Michael Cera, Zach Galifianakis, Martin Lawrence, James Earl Jones, and more have all stared in Shreveport Romantic Comedies.

There have been more than 400 full length motion pictures that have been filmed all-or-in-part in Shreveport. Not all of them have been Romantic Comedies, most of what makes this list are high in that rating list of 400 films.

We took these rankings, and filming location information, from IMDB, so if there's an issue with a rating or location...it's on them! Here we go:

#5 - Blonde Ambition (2007)

#4 - Playing for Keeps (2012)

#3 - My Mom's New Boyfriend (2008)

Fun note, you can catch some Shreveport Police in action in the trailer right here. 

#2 - Youth in Revolt (2009)

#1 - Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins (2008)


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