When it comes to satire, how far is too far?

The Knights of Chaos Mardi Gras Krewe in New Orleans will ride this evening, featuring satirical floats throughout the parade.

How do they plan to satire some of the bigger sports figures in the state?

By poking fun at former Saints quarterback Drew Brees moving out of the city following retirement, former LSU head coach Ed Orgeron's love life, and injured Pelican star Zion Williamson's weight.

Sports anchor Fletcher Mackel of WDSU in New Orleans shared the photos on Twitter.

Many on social media find the satire to be in poor taste, particularly the jokes regarding 21-year-old Zion Williamson's weight.

There isn't as much social media chatter about the Brees or Orgeron float images, although Mackel tweeted at all three individuals when sharing the image.

Satirical Mardi Gras floats have been around as long as Mardi Gras parades, in particular the Knights of Chaos Krewe.

Brees' post-career residence, Orgeron's dating life, and Zion's weight have all been heavily discussed by sports fans, especially ones in Louisiana.

A float that openly mocks each of them feels different because all three can and will see it.

To be fair, while some have made jokes about Zion's weight, there is plenty of discussion from sports analysts about how it can, will, and does impact his game.

In regards to Brees and Orgeron's life choices, that's more sports bar chatter and group texts among friends, as opposed to segments on SportsCenter or Inside the NBA.

How do you feel about the float? Did they take it too far? Or are individuals being too sensitive?

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