New Orleans Pelicans All-Star Anthony Davis nailed an amazing 30 foot double-clutch buzzer-beater to be the Oklahoma City Thunder in a thriller on Friday night. (Read the recap here)

If you haven't seen the shot yet, enjoy it. If you've already seen it, enjoy it again. It's pretty amazing. Below the video is a list of quotes about the shot from Davis, Monty Williams, Ryan Anderson, and Kevin Durant.

Anthony Davis: "I had to let it go and have confidence. I fell in the ground and saw it go through the net, I couldn’t get up quick enough...I don’t really know what to say right now. I’m still in shock. I just love playing this game.”

Pelicans coach Monty Williams:"He just made a great read. They came out and went zone and that freed up space for us to move around. With the movement, he popped free and made a great play. I wish I could say I drew that up but I didn't. I drew up a play for him to get it in a different spot."

Pelicans forward Ryan Anderson: "I mean that's just a superstar shot. You rarely see a shot like that go in. Leave it to Anthony to make a ridiculous,'s just crazy. He has the ability to make shots like that and it's just unbelievable. That was a superstar play."

Thunder forward Kevin Durant: "That was a tough shot. Double teamed, double clutch three ball to win the game. You've got to tip your hat to him."


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