The President is coming to town next week. If you're hoping to catch a glimpse of him outside of the rally, you might find him at these places.

Our community is looking forward to the impending arrival of President Trump. Regardless of where you stand politically, it's always generally exciting when the leader of the free world comes to a town near you. This week alone you've probably seen hundreds, if not thousands of posts in regards to trump's rally in Monroe.

Next week, we get to see the madness up close and personal as President Donald Trump will be holding a rally in Bossier City at the CentruyLink Center.

Now, I understand the President is a busy man, so he may just be in town for a quick speech then turn around and hop in Air Force One and head to his next designation... But, if the President were to spend some time in Shreveport, I think you might find him at the places I've listed below.



  • 1

    Barksdale Air Force Base

    This one is a given, seeing as we don't expect the President to park Air Force One at the Shreveport Regional Airport. If you have the credentials to get on the base, there's a good possibility you'll catch a glimpse of President Trump.

  • 2


    The Popeyes Chciken sandwich is here and we all know our President likes to indulge. If you gets a little hungry during his stay in Shreveport, you might find him at Popeyes with everyone else.

  • 3

    Broken Down on the Side of the Road

    Look, I understand that the president's vlimo is a beast. In fact that's its name. I get that this vehicle is designed to withstand virtually every possible form of attack. But has it ever came in contact with a Shreveport pothole? I think not, and for that reason, if you follow the President's motorcade long enough, you just might see him trying to change a bullet-proof tire on the side of the road.

  • 4

    Bayou Axe Company

    If you follow the Prez on social media, you'll notice he has quite a lot of pent up anger. That's why I think he might spend some time in town at the best place to let your anger out... Bayou Axe Company. If they replace the targets with logos of national media outlets, I think you might see  President Trump tossing axes in Bossier City after the rally.

  • 5

    Horseshoe Casino

    Our President is one of the most successful businessmen of the generation, and I can't imagine he's ever seen a casino that he didn't think about buying. If he has a few extra hours, you might find President Trump at the Horseshoe Casino finalizing plans to turn it into a Trump Entertainment Resort.

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