Future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady and current Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning will forever be linked.

Considered to be all-time greats, they competed against one another in some of the biggest football games between 2001 and 2016.

Despite their competitive history, the two remain friends, often poking fun at one another for the world to see.

For example, last August when Manning was giving his Hall of Fame induction speech, he got in a backhanded compliment on Brady.

Brady, who is preparing for his 23rd NFL season, put up a video yesterday working out. It came from a Go Pro camera strapped to his head.

Brady didn't just throw footballs in the video, he threw some friendly shade at Peyton Manning's physical appearance. In particular, his large forehead.

Peyton's brother Eli Manning was thoroughly impressed by Tom Brady's joke, enjoying the ribbing at Peyton's expense.

Manning's forehead has always been fodder on social media. There are several Twitter accounts posing as it.

The actual Peyton Manning doesn't have a Twitter account, as he stays off social media. It's too bad. With his sense of humor, I would love to see his response to Brady's burn.

For those reading this who enjoy trolling their friends, follow Brady's lead. He's good at it.

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