We've heard the rumors that Tom Brady and his wife Gisele Bündchen have been going through a "rough patch," but now the Brazilian fashion model is breaking her silence.

Amid rumors of relationship troubles between the future Hall of Fame quarterback and his wife over his decision to un-retire after only two months, Bündchen opened up about her home life in a cover story for the October issue of Elle Magazine.

Gisele talked about moving to Boston to support Tom and his dreams; building what she described as a cocoon where she created a life to raise their children and build a family.

Brady spent 20 seasons in New England as the Patriots quarterback before taking his talents down to Tampa Bay for the last two seasons; and while many reserve the nickname for him, back in June, the seven-time Super Bowl champion called Gisele the real "GOAT."

But after supporting Tom for the bulk of a career that has spanned over two decades, Gisele is putting her foot down. There have been recent rumors of a rough patch and multiple reports have stated that it's all connected to Brady's decision to un-retire earlier this year.

Bündchen was reportedly "thrilled" when Brady retired after the 2021 season only to be "disappointed" when the Tampa Bay quarterback made the announcement that he was coming back to play under center for the Bucs just two months later.

While Gisele has stated that she wants Tom to do whatever makes him happy, she has also been very vocal about her "concerns" over the violence that comes with the sport that her husband plays as well as her desire for him to "be more present" for their kids and in their family.

While Bündchen has been vocal about wanting Tom to follow his joy, she has also made it clear that she is ready to live her life and not one that solely exists to support her husband's dreams while she keeps their family and home life stable.

It's hard to find something that Tom Brady hasn't accomplished yet in his career, and it seems like Gisele is saying "now it's my turn."

It's obvious that Gisele is sending a message that her turn will come with or without Brady, so the ultimatum seems to be that this is his final hurrah in the NFL if he has any chance of staying in his marriage with Bündchen.

We all know how driven Brady is; and at age 45, he will need to be more focused than ever to compete with athletes literally half his age that are trying to take his head off.

Can he possibly give his all to both his NFL career and his family life? Only time will tell, and it's literally Tom vs. Time.

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