Buoyancy problems? No worries, there's device for that.

I'm a sucker for animals. I think it's an incredible deed to help out animals when we can. When it comes to disabled or injured animals, I thought I had seen just about everything on my daily social media feed scrolls, until this morning. I saw a strange photo of a goldfish who was strapped to some odd-looking device.

It was a wheelchair of sorts... for a goldfish.

According to Today, the goldfish was brought to Aquarium Designs in San Antonio, Texas with a few other fish because the owner could not care for them anymore. The other goldfish were taken home by other people who were looking for a swimming companion to complete their family. However, there was one little guy who didn't immediately get a home due to his odd condition.

Derek Burnett, the manager of the store, took a liking to the fish. Derek had studied marine biology and determined that due to the fish's bladder condition, he struggled with buoyancy. This condition left him either floating upside down or sinking to the bottom of the tank. It made it very hard for him to eat, but he was determined to live on despite his issues. Derek loved his spirit and decided to give the fish a home himself.

After compiling some aquarium-safe materials, Derek fashioned a wheelchair that would help this little guy stay afloat. His friend tweeted about it and it has since spread like wildfire.

How cute is this?

I'm kind of obsessed with this little guy...

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